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All troubleshooting information is for Concord systems. If you do not have a Concord system, give us a call at 952-942-5276.

False Alarms

To cancel a false alarm, disarm your system at the keypad. On Concord systems, if the keypad says “ALARM ABORTED,” no alarm was sent to the central station. You do not need to do anything more. If the keypad says “ALARM CANCELLED,” use your cell phone and call the central station right away at 1-800-728-1169. Identify yourself by name and password.

To cancel a false fire alarm, disarm your system TWICE at the keypad, which will silence the alarm. Use your cell phone and call the central station right away at 1-800-728-1169. Identify yourself by name and password. Note: Some cities require fire trucks to roll on any fire alarm. Check with your local municipality for their procedures. Press the star (*) key to determine which smoke detector(s) went into alarm.


System Beeping

If your system is beeping, press the (*) key to determine the problem. To silence the beeping for up to 8 hours, disarm the system (even though the system may be off) by pressing 1 + CODE or DISARM + CODE. Now press the star (*) key twice.

The system beeps for a variety of reasons, including low battery, sensor failures, communication failure, power failures, and to indicate that an alarm recently occurred.

If you have a low system battery or a low battery on one of your sensors, give us a call at (952) 942-5276 to schedule a technician to provide the service for you.


Sensor indicates it’s open when closed

Bypassing a sensor will make the system ignore that sensor in an armed state; you can open and close that sensor without the alarm going off. To bypass a sensor, open the door or window that’s having trouble and try to arm your system. When it protests, press the pound (#) key and the system will say “Front door bypassed.” Additionally when you arm your system you can press the bypass key, then the sensor number of the sensor you would like to bypass.


Smoke Detectors

Still beeping in spite of a status check

If you have pressed the star (*) key and only the date and time is indicated, then the sound you’re hearing is not from your EdinAlarm security system.

Typically, we find that these sounds come from a carbon monoxide detector, an electrician-installed smoke detector or a portable telephone battery. If you cannot determine the problem and need assistance, please contact a licensed electrician.


Why can’t I use my home phone when the system is in alarm?

Security systems typically use phone lines to communicate with the Central Monitoring Station. In the event of an alarm, your phone line may be seized as your system calls the Central Station. We recommend using your cell phone to cancel your alarm.