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Before You Build

Cover Smoke Detectors

The life of a smoke detector is 10 years if the detector is properly maintained. That lifespan is shortened if the detector is exposed to a significant amount of dust. They will begin to detect smoke when none is present, resulting in false alarms or can ultimately fail to detect smoke at all. Before you build, cover or remove your smoke detectors by first putting them on test at the Central Monitoring Station for the duration of the construction and then covering them with plastic bags or removing them according to the instructions in our video tutorial.


Put Low Temp Sensors and System on Test

Low temperature sensors trigger when the house temperature dips below 42 degrees. If you’re going to have open construction, put the low temperature detectors on test at the Central Monitoring Station for the duration of the construction. Water detection sensors should also be put on test and possibly removed before construction.


Don't throw away your doors

Doors may have sensors built into the frame or mounted on the outside of the door. Once you remove the doors from the home and throw them away, that sensor will alert you when it fails to check in with the control panel. Sensors can be reused and should be saved from old doors. Before you throw them away, give us a call and we’ll schedule a service call or walk you through doing it yourself if possible.


Removing Sensors

Since service personnel sometimes throw sensors away during construction, it is best to remove sensors from areas under construction. Put sensors on test until the job is finished before you remove sensors by calling us at 952-942-5276. Call us again to reinstall your sensors once construction is complete.