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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage my EdinAlarm system user codes?

Instructions on adding, deleting, or changing user codes on your Concord V4 can be found here (read-only PDF, watermarked). With Alarm.com, you can manage user codes directly from your web page.

Before making any user code/password changes, contact us at 952-942-5276. Changing user codes at the keypad or from your Alarm.com web page will not automatically change the password at the Central Station. If you delete a user at the keypad without informing EdinAlarm, that individual will still be able to cancel a false alarm at the Central Station.


How many users can I have?

Most systems installed by EdinAlarm support 229 user codes.


How do I know who armed/disarmed my EdinAlarm system and when?

We recommend Alarm.com, which provides a host of options for monitoring system activity, including employee tracking, arming/disarming history, and remote arming capabilities. See our Alarm.com Commercial page for more details.


Can I use Voice-over IP phone lines for my EdinAlarm system?

Voice-over IP lines are not recommended for use with a security system. Our system may communicate using VoIP lines, but that communication is not as reliable as using traditional phone lines. We recommend installing Alarm.com for cellular backup if you use VoIP at your business.


What happens during an alarm?

Standard protocol is that once the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) has received an alarm signal, they will call the premises. If no one is reached, CMS will call one additional contact before dispatching the authorities. If no one answers, an incorrect password is given, or there is a confirmed emergency, CMS will dispatch the proper authorities. Once the authorities have been dispatched, CMS will attempt to reach the balance of your emergency contact list until someone has been notified of the situation. While this is our standard protocol, it can be adjusted according to your preferences.


Why is my keypad beeping?

If your system is beeping, press the (*) key to determine the problem. To silence the beeping for up to eight hours, disarm the system (even though the system may be off) by pressing 1 + CODE or DISARM + CODE. Now press the star (*) key twice.

The system beeps for a variety of reasons, including low battery, sensor failures, communication failure, power failures, and to indicate that an alarm recently occurred.

If you have a low system battery or a low battery on one of your sensors, contact us at 952-942-5276 to schedule service for you.