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Operate Your System

Below you’ll find a concise overview for operating a Concord system. If you do not have a Concord system, access your user manual or call our office at (952) 942-5276.

SAT JAN 1 0 6:00 AM. P1
(P1 is always displayed)
This means the system is NOT ARMED. 24-Hour zones (fire, temperature, water and other environmental zones) are always on.

Press 1 or DISARM key + CODE (4-digit user code) This always disarms the system.

Press 2 or STAY key This arms the perimeter (typically doors, windows and glass breakage sensors). Interior Zones (motion sensors) are typically not armed. There is a time delay on the doors you have designated as entry/exit, allowing you to exit while others remain inside; all other points are instant alarm zones.

Press 3 This arms the system with perimeter (typically doors, windows and glass breakage sensors) as well as interior (motion detectors) protection. There is a time delay on the doors you have designated as entry/exit, allowing you to enter and exit; all other points are instant alarm zones.

Press 2 + 4 This eliminates the delay on entry/exit doors and is primarily used at night when everyone is home. It can be used in the “Away” or “Stay” modes. Do NOT use this if others will still be arriving home. ANY OPENING WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE ALARM.

Press 7 + 1 to turn chime on or off When a protected door or window is opened, you will hear a short chime. If you have a voice module, you will hear a voice announcing the point of entry; i.e. “Front Door Open.”

Press Fire, Police, or Medical In an emergency, we recommend dialing 9-1-1, dispatching the police immediately and telling them the nature of your emergency ahead of time.
If you cannot dial 9-1-1, use the emergency dispatch keys on your keypad. Press and hold the appropriate button until you hear the siren (approximately 2 seconds). These keys operate 24-hours a day whether the system is armed or disarmed. Our Central Monitoring Station will call the premises to confirm the emergency. If confirmed or no one answers, we will dispatch emergency personnel.



Maintain Your System

Your system’s sensors need new batteries every 3-5 years. Smoke detectors need new batteries every five years and need to be replaced every ten years. If you have any new construction, place your smoke detectors on test and cover them with plastic so they are not exposed to dust. We would be happy to change all of your batteries out, clean your smoke detectors and test your system. Give us a call to set-up an appointment at 952-942-5276.


Change Batteries

Every 3-5 years, depending on the types of sensors you have in your home, your system will alert you that you need to change the batteries in your sensors. At this time, we recommend scheduling an EdinAlarm technician by calling 952-942-5276 to change all batteries, including the one in your control panel, clean and test smoke detectors as well as check the alignment of door and window sensors. Certain sensors, such as recessed door sensors, have to be changed by one of our technicians. The National Fire Alarm Protection Agency has determined that the useful life of a smoke detector is ten years, so we recommend replacing them at this point.


Add, Delete or Change Users

PDF for use with a Concord version 4 system is forthcoming. If you do not have a Concord V4, give us a call at 952-942-5276.


Change Your Password

Even though you have changed your user codes at your keypad, your password at the Central Monitoring Station will not change unless you give us call. Call us at 952-942-5276 to change any passwords and add or delete users at the Central Monitoring Station. You will need your current password.


Contact the Central Station

Call 1-800-728-1169 and give them your name and password.


Put Your System or a Specific Sensor on Test

To put a sensor on test call us at 952-942-5276. You will need your Central Monitoring Station password, the name of the sensor and the length of time you would like to have that sensor put on test.


Update Call List

To update your call list, just give us a call at 952-942-5276 and tell us the new contact information.